Code age Archives

Got the first volume of Code Age Archives today!

The art's really nostalgic! Miss the ol' shounen dashyness. Looking forward to read this!

The story's a sci-fi story with a really radical take on science-reference; Code age is set in a world where the codes of DNA are rewritten ever 10 000 years. Therefore, the world kills everything alive before putting it back to life again when this happens.  In order to avoid this apocalypse, humankind made efforts to save the population by building a giant flying arc in order to avoid their fate, would they stay on the ground. But something goes very wrong and parts of the arc containing hibernation pods gets hit off and falls down on the earth, in the middle of the re-coding of the world.

Square Enix published the story through 3 different mediums (a PS2 game, this comic and a mobile phone MMO) back in 2005-2006. Each story follows a young fellow who in some or other way gets mixed up in the weird events after the accident. They awaken weird skills to 'absorb' other life forms or become something like vampires who need to absorb other life to keep their own 'code' intact.

We never got those outside Japan, which I think is a BIG PITY! I used to hype about this game as a younger teen, really loving the art style and concept which still is, in my opinion, one of the most striking things made in the Sci-Fi genre. As the industry've developed now, I've little hope of seeing anything like it ever again.


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