Doodling is the artist's answer to lifting weights for exercize. Since there's so little things to do of late I've been doodling a lot..

Guess I can share some I scanned.


Fullbody Victor.


Claude from kuroshitsuji, my bro forced me to write "Black Tower" on the bottle. (The white wine in the black bottle. 8D)

The rest is super crappy studies, so I'll save your eyes from those. 3w3
But if you really want to see, i guess you can watch the LS session from yesterday.

Rainy day

It've been really rainy all day. Kinda cozy, but it wans't as fun when I wanted to go get some candy from the store!

Quick sketch of Arielucia's Akio.


Now it's up!

Thanks to Viktormon who bothered to come meet me there! After hanging around there for an hour or two we hung out a bit.

We had... lots of fun. 8D

...Very fun indeed.

I also did some shopping today before taking the train home.

-Loveless vol 1 (Since I collect the books in GRAVE disorder.)
-Muhyo and Roji 12 (That collection isn't as disoriented though mind you!)
-From Week Day's final sale: super funky lab coat blazer and a pair of Cheap Monday sun glasses (only 20 kr, bargain!).


Sorry for the slow updates.. Lately I haven't been feeling so well; the feeling of being useless and failed after having so high hopes for this autunumn kinda striked me down extra hard this week... I'll avoid ranting about it, so please feel at ease.

On the other hand, I've been practicing like a dork:


= Kuroshitsuji fan arts, last one's a colab with Ariel.

Colab with Poi.

Tomorrow's time for my exibition in Stockholm, hopefully I'll meet a whole bunch of friends there, that'd really cheer me up. ;w;

WOHO the books arrived!

My sketch art book, named Eternal Underappreciation (just as this blog!) arrived today!

This is how it looks! *3*

An inside look, hurr.

This book will be avabile in a very limited number during my exibition at the Science-Fiction book store in Stockholm between July 27th and August 23d.

I'll prolly print some more for the SPX next year though!

That face

...You have to love that face.


The weather finally calmed down! Though it's still very hot. We've brought the melons now, just gotta find a day when i can make my beach dream come true! *3*

-Royal Chocolate togheter with Royal Tea=true match~


The weather has been SO HOT those last two-three days. I MUST get my beach dream of bringing a 5-kind set of melons togheter with a/some friends to become reality! Though, the trouble is that I can only think of max 3 kinds avabile in a sSwedish supermarket... And also, most of my friends aren't very keen about going to the beach. Come on guys! 70% of the year it's bellow 10 degrees C!

Lately I've been sketching a lot though. I've been dropping by paintchat more and more as well. If you're hanging around Niko's we may get to draw a bit togheter!

A commission I got from a friend, designing a neat emblem/logo for his Yu-Gi-Oh group.

New character, her name's Verdis.

Man, lots of sketches!! I should save some for you to see later, haha.


My exibition is coming up this month... I really can't wait! Or, maybe I can; still need to make dozens of stuff before that happens! oh dear!

More info about the exibition can be read here.

Here's some doodles from the past three days.



Sorry they're terrible, *sobs*.


Those biscuits rule. 3w3

So... HOT!!

It's July, which tends to be the hottest month up here. Novadays the tempratures can reach 30 C, which is very hot for our polaric population... We're getting baked.

Sketch for a commission. The characters are her and her boy friend's avatars from Grando Espada.

Painting is under progress. 3w3 Yeah i know, the dude in the back look very, VERY big.


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