divers and pac man moleskine

Doodles some female divers today.

I've been really fascinated by the Ama tribe after they showed up for a short time in Daisuke Igarashi's comic Children of the Sea. It's a Japanese tribe consisting of all-female shellfish divers who, thanks to their early training and natural lady-body-fat distrubution can keep stay underwater for around 5 minutes.

Also, brought a new sketchbook

Yay, pack man moleskine! It's yellow, and came with some cyte stickers!!


Been a while!
I recently got a new phone (iphone). Now I can tale pictures again!! So here comes some photos of recent happening in my life.

High school graduatees roam the city.

Finally got my new light table. Comic inking all the way. I doubt I'll make it to my set deadline...

Låt den rätte komma in

Läste nyligen klart boken av John Ajvide Lindqvist. Gillar den skarpt, speciellt vampyrkonceptet som ill skiljnad från dagens media inte förskönats; Vampyrbetten är inte orgasmer utan fatala angrepp, inget glitter i solen och ögon som ändrar färg när hungern växer. Om ni inte redan läst den, gör det!

Jag och Elin tecknade lite fan art.

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