We were to visit an acheological site in the outskirts of town today. We went there quite early in the noon, twas quite chilly too. It really feels like summer've finally danced it's way away from our, partly, polaric country... QAQ  

As we walked closer we detected those small baracks by the forest as you can see in the picture below.

We were then introduced to our guide, hahah, he looked like a Viking! So awesome!

Ohayo archeologist-san~!
I found that patch/guard module on his knee very neat! XD

He then gave us each a pen with his company's website adress on, as he told us about the LAW we have here in Sweden that a digging expedition must be made before building new facilities on any soil that is at least 15 meters above the sea.

This is what the digging site looked like. There was a kilometer-wide area covered with those out-marked holes. I thought it was a really interesting field trip, though many of my classmates LODULY dissagreed. XD;;
Really hope we'll get to visit more places like this!

It's getting so cold...!

Checking the weather for this week I discovered that it won't even reach 10 degrees Celcius most of the days. Summer has finally left us now, haha. XD
I'm allready looking forward for the next one, but in the same time the darkness that comes so much earlier now than last month is kinda cozy. The chill makes it a bit easier to concentrate too, so I'll work really hard to fix my deadline this autnum; this week I've raised it to 3 pages/week. It may happen that I'll livestream the working progress, keep at it at my DA for updates.

Here's a small and cozy little BL sketch, please enjoy! <3

another concept

Mauritz's great clock tower raising behind a mob of main characters. It's far from finished, but I hurried to scan it before I went out since I realllyy liked how Vuuk's face came out. (EYES ON THE SAME HEIGHT WIN, this is a 1 in 100 chance!!)


Köpte en ny tidning jag aldrig läst förrut idag!

WALLPAPER! hahahha! XD
Det är en salig blandning av inredning och mode med en ganska överraskande touch av sofistikerad vetenskapliga filosofikrönikor. Den sålder för kampanjpris på pressbyrån, bara 39 kr! Så jag slog till direkt efter att ha öppnat första sidan...
Lite trevliga överraskningar fick man också senare LOL.


Telia idag, deras nya skyltning är så cool. XD

Har lidit av en smärre tecknarkramp den här veckan, men jag lyckades ändå klottra ihop lite grann. Dock är inehållet i den här filen lite speciellt, så jag avråder de som verkligen inte har samma smak som mig att klicka på länken nedan.


Standing in the hallway

Waiting for the beast to show up.

Yays, japanese class starts tomorrow!! I can't wait to meet mayumi-sensei again! ; w ;

- updated

booring doodle update

heh, känner inte för att göra klart den....

not feeling so hot anymore, haha.


Gjorde dessa i http://porotto.deviantart.com/art/HarryPotter-BoyDress-upGame-v2-79582807 , ahhahaah.
Kan göra de flesta av mina figurer i det lilla flash spelet! Det är såååå great! <3<3

Och, jag HATAR att ha ledigt på fredagar!!!


The medicine seller

Ugh, haven't been feeling too well of late; throat ache, fatigue and skipping heart beats. I've also felt hungrier more often than usual... Maybe I should stay home from school tomorrow.

And I seem to be stalked, hahaha. Come on, don't hide, please.

Started watching this anime the other day too, haha (I blame it on my recent obsession with Takuya Sawada's clothes design). Mononoke, a dangerously beutifully drawn animation framing the classical japanese story telling and art exelently. The stories told are usually small thrillers, hahaha. Almost like Sherlock Holmes->Japanese style! XD
Warmly recomended (The medicine seller have the sexiest voice ever too).

A joke AMV, but it gives you a feel of what Mononoke is.


Had to try Takuya Angel's "Succubus" clothes-set on a guy. (Cuz I'm a perv)
Guess that'd make it "Incubus"! HAHA
http://web.mac.com/takuya_angel/iWeb/Collaboration/succubus.html -check it out <3


I got the two packages of C-type DELETER manga paper today! I got really surprised over how bigh they were! So it'll be a bit harder to scan them, but the drawing area is editable, so it'll be allright even for my small scanner, haha. (Who knows, maybe I'll be able to afford a bigger scanner in the near future.)

This is the first page, fully inked but still unedited (needs screen tones). Damn, I'm so happy with this paper (even though it was REALLY expensive
), makes me feel like a real manga-ka. HAHA

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