I now know how my year'll look for sure.

Oh, and btw I got a new sketcbook, yay! This year I'll practice hard with my art!! *determinded*

I kinda rediscovered Ryuichi Sakamoto this weekend. Truly one of the best mordern day pianists!


I've started doing it again now, otl.
Not good! So distracting and time consuming since I CG very slowly. But I guess it's just momentairy to when I get a new sketch book...

Jade from ToA.


Visited a castle

Midsummer eve's today. We went to see/join the celebrations. Man, those used to be so much more lively back in the days!

Since we brought some friends who came visit yesterday from Norway with us, they were very interested in the castle that was closeby, so we went there afterwards.

Strömsholm's castle was once home for the royal Bernadotte family. But not anymore, so instead it's open to the public as a museum. The nice thing is that all the furniture and items are still on their original places of use, so it is indeed a very good source of inspiration for drawing La Dolce Vitae within a castle. *3*

Lots of pretty paintings...

I found that painting of the little prince (to the right) very interesting: In the room this image was taken there were three paintings of him though in 3 different staged of his life; infant, child and young man. He had the same hair style in them all, haha, cute!

Afterwards I couldn't help myself but to buy this tin of tea! Or rather... the Norweys brought it to me since my cred card failed to respond. *laughs* (No worries, Swedish money ain't worth more than toilet paper to us Norwegians anyway he said.)

Yay, another tea tin to my newly started collection! <3

Time rolls on

The interview in malmö went well if someone happens to wonder. Now just comes the wait for the final results... Lord, 2 weeks have never felt so distant!

I filled the last page of my sketchbook the other day:

Yaay, Victor sitting on... a chair, haha.
The full composition didn't fit in though. I may show you how I fixed this in a later post. 8D
I wish I could go to town and get that sketch book NOW. OTL

Off to Malmö

I'm shortly taking the train to the interviews for the game art school I'm applying to. Wish me luck!


I've finally gotten another update for my comic up... Those pages takes ages to finish!
Weirdly though, I haven't had much time to sketch of late... Everything I do is inking pages, sob.

small sketch I managed yesterday.

Finns and fan arts

I got a fancy visit this Saturday night/Sunday: Nayruchan, Dodongo-fin and Redacious crashed at my place after being to the soper awesome Distant Worlds concert in Stockholm. They were super nice!

Eva (nayru) and Ella (Dodongo) watchin' the view over "Svartån".

Hehe, I got to touch the autograph of Uematsu-sama. ;w; *happy*
We also played The Bouncer and discovered that you can actually beat the whole game by using a bodyslam move with Volt. And I got some super pretty gift arts;


From Dodongo. <3

From Nayru~~

They're both of Vertige, one of my original characters.

Thank you so much guys!


Phew, now it's over... Finally, my "vacation"'ve started! But man, there was a lot of work for us to finish during this final week.

During thursday evening we had to fix our float. Here in Sweden, graduation students ride around town in those, kinda like... cattle or something, haha.

Lots of organisation was needed...

The final result looked kinda fine though.

The morning afterwards we had 'champangefrukost' (champagne breakfast). I didn't have any real champagne though (since I don't drink), but had other fizzy brevages instead... not a good idea for a breakfast; my stomach hurt all day. 3w3

Everyone was there, win!

After getting our grades, having some quality time with our mentor (lol, he got a kinky whip by us to whip his next students with) we were to march away to the area where we'd be 'realeased'. Alas, half of the boys of my class got STUCK in the evelator. Extremely bad timing since we were the first class that were gonna get released!
Well, we got them out in the last minute, phew.

After being released it was time for the very anticipated FLOAT RIDE! Screams, music, drinking, stomping, dancing and so on explains this event the best...

We also had our "special", which was like, crouching so that we weren't visible during the intro to Warp 1.9
and then jumping up, dancing like crazy once the song started. The coolest song was the Arabic and Turkish ones, the randomness killed me! Our class definately had the coolest playlist!

Well, it's all over now... I managed to hold all tears back, even though I know it'll be long before I'll meet those dudes again... Guess maybe I'll start bawing later when the emptiness really kicks in, but right now I'm just really hyped to get to work on realizing my dream and get big. Hope you'll all watch me and enjoy the show!

Exam dinner

The weather just keeps getting warmer, surroundings are prettier than ever and everything that was white and cold 3 months age is now the color of shining emerald. During this last school week cermonies and traditions are rushing after one another...

- The 'Black stream', over this river I was told one of the schools hold a traditional tug-o-war, students VS teachers. Can you guess how many times there've been a clean win?

Myself, I had an exam dinner ahead of me yesterday. To my great dismay it hit me that I had forgotten to bring my cap...

Dressed up classmates looked so pretty in their dresses and suits... I felt kinda left-out for some reason, but then again, I'm always the odd duck.

Before and while the food was served we were amused by some sketches the teachers put up, totally humiliating themselves. Especially the headmaster who dressed up like a woman and sang Linda Bentzing's 'Jag ljugers å bra' (trns: I'm so good at lying) with modified lyrics to fit the... student's and the teacher's situations better. 
I couldn't get a very good shot because he didn't walk close enough;

But yeah, you at least see some of the dress+the wig. 

I just realized everything had been filmed... ouch. otl

No rest for the artist...

I've finally finished my contest entry for the FEZ contest! I feel like celebrating, this took me a week, seriously!
But there are no rest for me, yet; some cermonies will be held this week and there are still other illustrations and comic pages to finish...

-Lol, nose fail at panel 1 otl.

I just have to share this music group with you!

Zektbach! Their music've been poundin' from my speakers for a week now. Techno mixed with opera and wibes of renaissance=ETERNAL WIN TO MY EARS.
Favorites right now are 'Blind Justice', 'Ristaccia', 'Zeta (La chanson version too)', 'Turii' and 'Raison d'être'. Their songs follow an epic that tells of of several events leads to the end of the world, hehe. Warmly reccomended!

The end

It's drawing to a close, my life as a high school student.
I'm feeling both very happy and kinda lonely, my future is very uncertain for the time being, but I sure hope the fog will rise soon.

Exibition day.
The works photo class've made during the year is put up on the walls and on cardboard stands. It was quite jammed when all the classes came out to have a look.
My media teacher acted DJ for the event.

My 3D class' works could be acessed on those laps tops. Mine is on the computer closest to the door.

Another tradition my town have is the anual exam masquerade:

My class dressed up as mooses. Walking into town while playing songs like 'Älgarna demonstrerar' (the mooses are demonstrating) we got quite a lot of eyes on us.

Our parrarrel-class were Hippies, yay.

this traadition was made for the graduating students to enjoy their last days as children before taking the step into adulthood. Sadly, it've become more of a drinking feast and a big deal of my classmates drank themselves drunk.


The comic school gave me a double message, first saying I did come in and then that I did not.
I'm feeling very hurt and cheated yet the school is being a bitch when it comes contact and I still haven't been able to reach them even after several calls. The weird thing is that I happened to come by one of the teachers from the chosing applicant's comitée durin SPX. After showing him my work he said that I was a given student for the school and thus I applied.
Now, seeing friends with lower skill got taken in I'm in great wonder why I didn't get in.

Maybe I am really stuck in a cykle of underappreciation.

Today's sketch:

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