Mao arrives!

And finally, my Maochao busou shinki managed to get past the volcano ash and arrive home! (Had brought her before the previous doll actually. But due to you know what Murmeliter got to me first because it was sent within the country!)
Here's some epic shots! <3

Some epic pics on Mur too.

SPX 2010

It's over now, and man if I had a goood time. XD

Disclaimer - SPX (Small press Expo) is an anually held messe where comic artists from the whole nation assemble to sell, buy and mingle togheter with other artists. 


- Friday.
I went to the expo area to drop some loot at the table and register my table. I got to hear that many people came by and stared at them...

- Saturday-
When me and Ai arrived we discovered that a bit remodelling of the room had been made before we got there. Happilly, our neighbors, Elin and Oscar recognized my style and made sure nothing happened to the books. thank you so much guys!

Speaking of which, I just HAD to buy Elin's book, Umbra! The picture doesn't give it the justice it deserves. TwT

And so the noon went on, consisting of lots of walking, shopping, selling and... some sneaky shots. Here's Nosebleed's table, including the Balista sisters!

I also started doing those... 'epic signings' on the ADKOS vol 2 books I sold....

This is Ai's copy btw.

For lunch we went down the street to Kungsträdgården where a Japanese spring festival was being held. There was some tents selling delicious Japanese food and snacks. *w*

And also lots of Japanese people! You heard people talk japanese everywhere. I managed to stumble on three of them... haha, fail.

We brought a bento and some other stuffs to eat, and then went on to the merch. tents where Ai brought a really thick native Manga mag. We kept laughing at the comics in it, save us from boredom.



The last day of the messe!
Today the last book was sold, so as you can see we only had some prints left for sale, though sale didn't go as well as yesterday it didn't get us down. Instead we used today to look around and talk, I also took the chance to search some publishers up.

We then returned home from a weekedn filled with comics, money, furry fighting games (lol) and random jokes with a great smile on our faces, just like those two:

- Oscar and Elin, CHEERS! Can't wait to meet you again in the next SPX!! <3

New doll!

Wohoo, got my first Shinki doll today! 8D

more pics + info later, gotta rush now!


It really starts feeling like summer's on it's way up here! The weather is getting really hot, and the people on the street are all stripped, seriously. I'm thinking of getting myself a new spring jacket, guess I'll need to go do some research around the ones they have in town. 

Haven't had much time to work on this one... been a whole week since i touched it! *regret* D8
But it's slowly coming togheter, hehe.


Man, i hate getting sick in the start of the week because it'll linger on through the whole week since I've NO TIME to heal during school days.


Sitting in school while writing this.
Showed my teacher the Mauritz preview I had printed, she seemed really hyped for some reason, haha. Though it made me really happy when she todl me she had great beliefes in the comic due to it's quality in both visuals and story.

I really do hope the publishers I'm about to show the book to will agree with her.

More peeks:


Yay! Almost 40 pages done!


Och så når veckan sitt absoluta crescendo, det absoluta climaxet i en ganska dålig låt... Lovet blev ett riktigt fight club nu i slutet, längar tills skolan börjar igen så jag kan få grälen ur mitt huvud.

Men i o för sig fick jag ju en försmak av skolan idag:

Yay! Högskoleprovet!

Provet tog hela dagen att skriva från halv nio i morse, det gick väldigt bra, dock önskar jag att jag var i upsala just nu...


Is reaching it's end, I need to start stuing for the chem test on wednessday.
And also, speed my drawings up as hell!
There's also a presentation of my project that I'll have to prepare for in the end of this month, oh dear.... Was there even a holliday? XD;;

here comes some sneaks and unfinished pages for my dear readers.


 - girly victor looks girly.

You can read the finished loot here.


The previews for Mauritz arrived today!

-Back and front.
I'll be sending those to both native and American publishers and also bring some of them to SPX in the end of this month. Wish me luck! 


Finally feels like spring has arrived to Sweden. It's so beutiful, watching the sunset touches me to tears! *laughs*

This spring will be far more busy than any other though, since I'm graduating this year. Still need to look for an appartment....

Speaking of which;

I NEED THOSE FOR MY APPARTMENT.... If I manage to find one!

And now for the 'daily' sketch update.

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