Picture poop

Page from a comic I did for a contest I never entered this summer. XD
Hate the way i did those masks I guess, LOL.

Some more recent stuff; sketch for a promo art. Wish me luck for Mauritz!! ; w ;

+ some designs.

Heavy player

Been a very tired week so far. Feeling sleepy and tired all the time, haha! I suspect the bulgar to blame for this is my recently brought Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of the new World for the Wii. XD
Got it on the release this friday and stopped playing right before the final bosses yesterday- meaning I'll most probably have finished it later today.

Here's an early sketch for a fan art of Emil (the main character) and Richter. I'll update it later. Thanks for reading everyone! <3

Hikaru no go

Fan art desuuu

It's so cold up here

You can pretty much tell from what I'm wearing. XD
We're getting closer to the negative celciuses... I seem to've been getting a lot of new hits lately, whei! Really wonder if Takanori-san and company did get my drawing; a crew member bolted away with it before I could ask her if I could give it to them personally. I really regret that!! D8 Hope they liked it.... ; 3 ;

On another not, I think many of you wonder how and where to lay comments; there's  alink texst underneath that says "Kommentarer", that's where you push. The rest is quite obvious.


Hahhahah, det här suger hårt. XD;
...Var går allt mitt hårda arbete egentligen?

Keats from Folklore(c) Game Republic


Damn it,,, this is my first concert ever, I'm SO EXITED! ; w ;
I really hope I'll get a chance to deliver them this fan art.

Louis XIV

Studing about Louis XIV of France right now.
It's really inspiring, reading about old regents, ahhaha. But Louis is a bit special; since he wasn't really smart of well educated he still managed to become a great and honestly respected ruler of France druing the 1700th century. But what fascinates me the most is the palace in Versailles he built, arghh I love castles, LOL.

- 'Sum BL for you nerds. 8D

Have a nice day! <3

Hollidays've come to an end

Been a while, I'm sorry for not managing to update this blog as often as I'd hoped. XD
Well, this is the last day of my autnumn holliday, it went by so fast, I hardly remember what the heck I've been doing to let it pass by so quickly! One of the causes could be the short days we have up here this time of the year. The sun sets around 4 pm, and they're getting even shorter.
In the begining of December it'll probably be pitch black allready around 2pm... T__T (Though the northern regions have it worse; they've constant darkness all of December! UGH)
My mother tends to get really sleepy by all the darkness, hahaha. Guess not even after 20 years up here could make her used to it...

How do you readers feel about autnumn? Does the days get shorter where you live too?

Ah well, here's some sketches! 8D

This outfit was somewhat inspired by Range Murata, I've been more or less obsessed with Last Exile (featuring in my opinion, the greatest character/machine designs ever seen in an anime, all by Murata) of late too. XD

Studies of my friend's character "Vuuk". I'm having a lot of troubles with drawing him, but I'm determinded to succeed (AND STOP DRAWING DOGS THAT LOOK LIKE HORSES LOL). ...I should take an afternoon to just sit down in the libary, studing anatomy books...

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