Red with his "human" alter ego from Solatorobo
I HAD to fan art! This game is terribly underrated (suspects the furry-theme scares teens and young adults away) although it's probably one of the most well made games created during the last decade... AND IT ACTUALLY MANAGES TO TELL A STORY, A DEEP ONE AT THAT!! ((although mostly based in thick, written dialogues (happilly very well-written) and extremely UN-challenging battles.))

I wish I could play another adventure in Shepherd with Red and his friends again... : ( *re-plays*

(They are speculating around a possible sequel! I'M ALL HYPE!)



Made this stupid doodle of two of the charaters from my comic Mauritz as Furries just for the fun of it.... XD


[c] gottschalk


Currently reading Holly Black's materpiece, Valiant.
The plot twists fairy tale with gritty New York surroundings in a surprisingly successful way. Truly worth a read!

I had to make some fan art of the main character, Valerie:

May update with a refined version!


Why are you so much work?



The second year of this university game developement course I'm currently enrolled in just kicked off! I feel good about NOT being a freshman anymore! Though... I haven't seen my new minors yet; they're busy getting "zeroed" and guided around!

This year will have a great focus on 3D and I'm feeling very motivated to devote more time into mastering real-time as well as hi-poly modeling. I'm taking a Z-brush (a digital sculpting program) course at the moment. Really enjoying it... so much I've been going totally above par with the course. Below you can see one of the early experiments I did for the sake of mastering this program:

Sculpted this after an original character (cut his originally long hair) design, using a custom material by some Korean sculptor
My computer couldn't manage more information.. So i didn't get to make any clothing for this poor fella.

'till next time!


Code age Archives

Got the first volume of Code Age Archives today!

The art's really nostalgic! Miss the ol' shounen dashyness. Looking forward to read this!

The story's a sci-fi story with a really radical take on science-reference; Code age is set in a world where the codes of DNA are rewritten ever 10 000 years. Therefore, the world kills everything alive before putting it back to life again when this happens.  In order to avoid this apocalypse, humankind made efforts to save the population by building a giant flying arc in order to avoid their fate, would they stay on the ground. But something goes very wrong and parts of the arc containing hibernation pods gets hit off and falls down on the earth, in the middle of the re-coding of the world.

Square Enix published the story through 3 different mediums (a PS2 game, this comic and a mobile phone MMO) back in 2005-2006. Each story follows a young fellow who in some or other way gets mixed up in the weird events after the accident. They awaken weird skills to 'absorb' other life forms or become something like vampires who need to absorb other life to keep their own 'code' intact.

We never got those outside Japan, which I think is a BIG PITY! I used to hype about this game as a younger teen, really loving the art style and concept which still is, in my opinion, one of the most striking things made in the Sci-Fi genre. As the industry've developed now, I've little hope of seeing anything like it ever again.


I've been watching several anime series of late! It feels like I've been watching abnormal amounts... but when I think back and count them I can't even fill the fingers of one hand. Ah well, more than usual of late!

And man, good ones are hard to come by!

Samurai Champloo fan art!



Rough sketch

Color sketch (Need to make the colors more shiny...)

The illustration's for my comic, Mauritz which you can read here!

And onwards~



Conditory treat, here I come!

princess mononoke

Finally saw it yesterday!
Such a touching masterpiece!

Here's some doodles I almost unconciously made right after watching the movie.

Don't doodle in the middle of the night!


Posting some drawings from the life drawing lesson earlier this week.

The model was wearing a pompous 16th century dress this time. It was a really great experience and I had a lot of fun!

I appoligize for my idleness the last days/weeks... Currently, I've plenty of creative works on my hands and living where I am now kind of discourages me from being online. Don't get me wrong though; I'm having a really nice time!

There are stuff coming up that I may tell you about in a later post. Until then, have a nice week!


Visited this abandonned, ancient ruin-city during my trip to Turkey last week. The statues and items were however moved to a museum, here's the photos!

An arrangment of how life could've looked like back in that time.


Dionysos, god of wine.

The ancient people could do glass!

A pity many of the statues were in extremely bad shape.

Eros, god of love. The design of this character kind of reminds me of my incubus characters. There may be a reason to that!

Another portrait of Eros. The rest of his body is prolly smashed. This one had a scary gaze.

This was one of the most impressive statues in the museum. Artemis, ancient goddes of life, the way the artists described her really shows her role!

The final room of the museum. In here we could find the big creepy emperor baby:

Just look at that arm!

And that face! I'd reccomend my school's life-drawing courses for this guy.

After the fall of the Roman empire Christianity overflowed that certain part of the world. Many of the emperor statues were destroyed or purged by carving crosses on the foreheads like on this guy.

I took some shots of the city with my phone as well.. But the mayority are stuck on my brother's camera. I may update with those photos later. (Got some nice shots of the great library and the stadium on the cam.)

Slippery marble streets... No good place for sandals, wonder how the ancient people could manage.

You can see the only remaining facade of the library sticking up in the distance.

divers and pac man moleskine

Doodles some female divers today.

I've been really fascinated by the Ama tribe after they showed up for a short time in Daisuke Igarashi's comic Children of the Sea. It's a Japanese tribe consisting of all-female shellfish divers who, thanks to their early training and natural lady-body-fat distrubution can keep stay underwater for around 5 minutes.

Also, brought a new sketchbook

Yay, pack man moleskine! It's yellow, and came with some cyte stickers!!


Been a while!
I recently got a new phone (iphone). Now I can tale pictures again!! So here comes some photos of recent happening in my life.

High school graduatees roam the city.

Finally got my new light table. Comic inking all the way. I doubt I'll make it to my set deadline...

Låt den rätte komma in

Läste nyligen klart boken av John Ajvide Lindqvist. Gillar den skarpt, speciellt vampyrkonceptet som ill skiljnad från dagens media inte förskönats; Vampyrbetten är inte orgasmer utan fatala angrepp, inget glitter i solen och ögon som ändrar färg när hungern växer. Om ni inte redan läst den, gör det!

Jag och Elin tecknade lite fan art.

doodle doodle

Kinda weird.


What the--??



Inks (unfinished)

Had a slightly different approach with this, hope you like it!

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