I'm posting a progress of a sketch I'm working on. Update when more happens.

Part 1

-part 2; more details and shading on the character, sketchy blocks defined and new ones put out on the BG.

- part 3 Aditional details on the BG, depth to the perspective, finishing the character.

- part 4 Further BG detailing, sniffing on the depth.

- part 5 FINISHED

Something I found today

This REALLY brought me back! XD
It's a greeting card (which once had a choclate bar with it) from one of the best friends I've ever had in my life back in 2006. (Haha, she had doodles details on the figures on the cover so they'd LOOK like Axel and Roxas! XD) I had a KH II party! WOHOO! Only two of the four people I asked wanted to come, hahaha; her and Marcus.

midnight doodling

Ain't good for you. Hahah.
Ah well, had those ideas in my head all day, i just HAVE to get it down on paper! ; w ;
They're among my personal collection though, sorry, hurrhurr.

Update on this one though!
The biggest differance is that I've started to sort out the shading on the right part of his cape. : 3
(Mum's comment; "WHOA, Is he angry? AHHAHAHAAHAHA!" lol)
Well, good night.

Free Friday

Ack, it turns out I've got no lessions on Fridays, meaning I'VE GOT 3 DAYS HOLLIDAY EACH WEEK! D8
Most of you may wonder why the fuck this person is despairing over this HAPPY fact, but FACT is that I'd prefer being in school like all other normal kids! GAH, this school year started out so sloppy! I WANNA WORK ALLREADY! Ah well, I'll use most of the extra free days for finishing my project which'll be the first volume of my new manga series togheter with Gottschalk! I'll be responsible for all the graphics, I'll tell you more about this project later, so stay tuned and KEEP READING MY BLOG! HAHA

Talkin' about worka holics;

-Meet Victor, passive main character of mauritz; 27 years old, H= 1,86 m W= around 70, ish Irish, quite pale, dark brown hair and light green eyes... He was too busy to cut his hair (It's kinda useful though, makes him easier to draw).
This is a little sketch I did today in order to test how the design would work in the finished inked comic.

Late home coming

Today's school day was really short; I finished after the first lession. Twas history the first hours, since it was the first lession for the term it was mostly nagged away with discussions... Boring, I always end up talking too much. =__=;; (The course seem to have a lot of awesome stuff planned for the term though. We're going to visit a local archelogical site the week after next!)
But even so it would end up being a very long day. XD
Me and a friend were to attend to a lecture about the Japanese courses of a place called "folkuniversitetet". There we got to meet Mayumi-sensei who turned out to be a really funky person. We had a long discussion about Japan and answered her questions about what brought our interest to Japanese culture. (Here, all the people around the table; me, Tanja and two graduates who had shyly joined us answered in choir; MANGA!)
I got really surprised and happy when she told me about her manga interest as a kid, me knowing about her two favorite magazines (Nakayoshi and Ribbon) surprised her greatly. That I also knew some of the newer titles she hadn't heard about amased her so much that she told me that I know more about manga now than her. I KNOW MORE ABOUT MANGA THAN A NATIVE JAPANESE! TAKE THAT! AHAHAHHA. XD (Kiddin')

Ack, should've brought my camera! Ah well, this little sketch have to do for now.

- Sketch for the new cover of my School calendar that we Swedish high schoolers get every year... At least in my province, haha. It has identical bubbly page design and FILLED with commercials. Even the cover is a damn commercial!
Sadly they usually aren't very pretty to look at, usually some really irritating picture of smiling teens, so I draw a small drawing to cover it up and make it more fun to use while I draw funny stuff on the commercials inside the booklet. XD

And so it ends!

Last da of summer vacation, haha. How nostalgic; it makes me remember that summer 2006 when I decided to replay KH II, playing each day of Roxas' last week in existance acordingly. I was such a kid back then, haha, thanking back it really does feel like I've grown a lot, even though it was just 3 years ago.
I guess the Gymnasium is much to blame for the rapid evolution in the adolecent mind. XD

This tune is so refreshing! I really do need the FFX score boklet! QAQ

And now for the sketch.

Got tired of the old one, so I sketched up another one with the Garnet and Zidane in a full 2D body shot! WOHOO, I love to draw full bodies! XD

Sorry for the lack of "every day" posts. XD I usually don't tend to bring my camera along when I go out. I used to be a phone camera paparazzi in the past though, untill the day I lost the usb connector. D8
But I'll try to get better to do that in order for this blogg not to become TOO geeky. XD

Aghhh, fight fight!

It's sooo late, damn... But I think it was kinda worth it, hahaha. Got quite a bit on my entry for the European box art contest for Blazblue! Read more about the contest here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=371173

Sketch + try out lay out. (LOL, X)

Coloring 10%

Slightly updated close up.


Blazblue is a REALLY cool looking Fighting game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems made by the same team as Guilty Gear and it really looks like it'll be able to keep the same HARD CORE standards! I got really happy when they finally annouced that there'd be an European release, even though we'll have to get it as late as winter next year (US and JAP got their versions the same FUCKING month!). XD

dripp dropp over my window

Always sharing who I know with you while you give me nothing in return.
Always keeping you inside, in return I patiently stand barefoot before your door while the rain falls on my highest priced belonging.

Having you enjoy as much as you can take during my feast, say, your eyes does bear a rather concerned look when you pick my ransons.
Sharing my knowledge to help, no appreciation granted. Only venmous lightning from thy eyes.
Offering you my wing, you act as if I'd stab you the moment you look away.

Did I ask for too much? Did I forget to give you an option?
Not as far as I'm aware, as much as the lines between my questions are almost free from secrets.

I feel nothing, because nothing can hurt me.
This is, but a mere question with options thus you are not and have never been caught in a wall without front or back.

A little unfinished FF IX fan art, haha. I really fail at Garnet. XD

Much to do

Ohh, summer vacation's almost up! And I've got so many things that i need to start working on for this school semester. ; w ;
Such as my comic for our project assignment... I'll do my best to at least produce a 100 pages during 6 months... but I've been a bit conflicted around that as well.

I can't turn back now though, even if I sometimes wish I could.

I'm thinking of maybe updating this blog with some sketches every now and then to geek it up even further, haha.

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