The break of day

Raise your head and watch it, kid.

Sunny morning

It's actually dead night.

Töntarna (The nerds)

My friend gave me this tune, and I'm quite hooked, haha.
Kent is the most popular native band among kid here in Sweden, I quite like som few of their tunes. The Lyrics are either very interesting or EXTEREMLY lame, this one really hits the spot on both. XD

Long time no sketch!

The clothes they wear are inspired by Abingdon Boys school's scene clothes. MAN, it's almost just 2 weeks left till the concert!! CAN'T wait!


Yeahh, went to Venice last week. XD
Going on a trip in the middle of a school term kinda hurts your brains though, but I did my best to not think toomuch about school. (Damn it, I'm seriously INJURED somewhere, LOL.)

First day, on my way to town.

Some natives drowe by. Notice the happy kid in front? XD

Marco Polo memo, there was a lot of tourists.

Outised the Marco cathedral, this was a REALLY popular attraction, understandable since it's the most famous building in the whole floating city.

The paintings in the ceilings were very well preserved. I felt really sorry for the poor old buildings, all the preassure from the streams of people wanting to visit and stare will clearly let the care the Venetians put into keeping them in shape into waste.

Inside the Cathedral. It may look murkly, but it's actually because of all the very small and detailed paintings that adorned every inch of the ceilings, the valves and walls. My camera was too weak to get all of the details in the damn lightning. XD

I then went to a LOT of places, taking a lot of photos on exibitions (like this music book from the later middle ages), I'll just post up some of them here since I'm too lazy to say anything more, lol.





FF XIII third trailer

Made this the moment I woke up today, shortly after watching the english dub of the FF XIII trailer. It's a MUST WATCH!!

Damn, now I REALLY can't wait!!

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