Home sickness...?

As some of you know, I currently reside on an island. I... haven't really missed my home town back on the mainland ever since I got here in August, but recently I feel like I miss those days when I used to walk through between those sunlit, flat and high walls, marvel at the architecture, sit on the ancient stone stairs by the flowing river, eating ice cream... Though much of the things I miss the most doesn't exist anymore; my hometown has changed and so has the people I knew.
But I will probably return there anyway, sometime soon. I guess I could blame this song for making me all sentimental!

So funky, my 12-years old half-sister adores Zelda as much as I did when I was around her age. Maybe it's something we've got genetically; to like the same kind of games, haha.


Wohoo, almost!


Scanner's not working on this computer... Ack, can't scan my latests doodles!! Ah well, on another note, just two days left! Me and my pal are getting into the mood in Erozea.


There's a christmas event going on in Final Fantasy XIV!

Victor är skitglad.


Only 4 days left!
Thought I'd blog early today so I won't miss it later!

I don't know how many of you who know this, but I am actually a big fan of Zelda. So yesterday I felt trigged to doodle some of the characters from the latests 'big' zelda games.


Yays, sketchyness!


Ack,.. missed it yesterday.. Ah well...

Finally watched Avatar yesterday.

And damn, i really love the ost of TRON Legacy. How could I not, it's Daft Punk who've created it!


MISSED 16! Man, i fail otl.

Getting into da groove.


Lately there've been a lot of talk on the news which tires me. Doodled some happy kids to cheer myself up.

Spread the love!


Nurse uniform design. It's not naughty at all!


It's St: Lucia's day today!
This is a quite rare celebration connected to christmas that I only think Scandinavia and some South-European countries do. Well, enough about that.

Still no worthy art to show.. So I'll post this sneaky photo I took during 'Alumnidagarna' I told you about before.

Starbreeze's game tester graced us a visit. There were also more people from other mayor game developement companies who had an open discussion forum that morning... Sadly though, I couldn't sleep well enough that night to feel like waking up to go. Pity!


Damnit, missed it yesterday, really sorry!!

Went to listen to a concert yesterday, seemed like it was some kind of nationalwide 'christmas concert'-day. Music by Achangelo Corelli by the island's orchestra, followed by some Chopin piano pieces I liked very much. The final part was Schumann's piano concerto played by both the orchestra and the pianist. It was truly epic!

Here is a part of the pieces we heard yesterday (not played by the same orchestra though).

My favorite part is at 4.00. <3


Waah, being late again!!

The temprature rose a bit today, causing much of the snow to melt and thus making the ice on the streets much more slippery. Hapilly I wasn't outdoors that much today, spent most of this day in the school building, having a gaming LAN with some classmates to get my mind a rest. But even though the weather haven't been the best the christmas spirit is strong here in this small, ancient town.


Argh, slept too late yesterday. Not good for my face. *pulls chins up and down*

Today I thought I'd share the complete mood thumbnail sheet I made. Click for full res!


First day of the 'Alumnidagarna', which is an event at school where various pros and scientists come from all over the world (mostly Europe and the US though) to talk about their profession and so on.
It was fun, but tiring; had to wake up really early and then I sat there and listened for like, 7 hours. I shyly showed one of the pro artists my sketchbook too. Super emberassing (especially since I had a cracky pic of a guy wearing a mantini in it), but I got some good feed back.

Umf, gotta keep my courage up!

(No pictures today! Really sorry, but I'd want nothing more than crawling to bed and read "A wizard from Earthsea".)


I'm being late again!


Today I thought I'd share a mood thumbnail made for 2D concept production class:

In this assignment we were to create 5 simple mood shots like this one that describes the mood of your production (in my case a game). I know about the hairdresser helmet thing; looks like the character resting in this device is getting the ultimate spa treatment or something, haha. But this is not the final design.
I've... still 2 more to finish!


Though I'd share some comic thumbnails today!

Those are based of a "novel"-version of the script, quickly sketched to give myself an overview of the lay out for each page as well as measuring how I can divide the story of a capter in comic pages.



dec 4th

3rd went -elsewhere-. I'll give you more info about those other blogs I have in due time.

Waah, haven't doodled today, guess I'll just post some random pic from my harddrive then, enjoy!

Dec 2'd

Time for another update!
The streets of Wisby are all white now, looks really beutiful and cozy with the chrismas lights and decorations around town... A bit like in a story book. I'll see if my mobile cam can manage to get me a good picture of it!

Another piece of art update. Linearting the concept from yesterday!


1:st of December-

I'm totally gonna copyi my pal Elonion now; posting a new post on one or more of my 3 blogs every day with art till the 24th.

Starting with showing this thumbnail I sketched out the other day:

Illustration for my comic, Mauritz. (Previously a joint project with Gottschalk.)
Concentrating a lot on shape and movement, decided to finish the lines, we'll see if I feel like coloring or toning (or both) it afterwards, it'll be a big project since I always tend give digital lines extra much time.

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