FF XIV beta

I finally got it dow this week! Damn this assignment I need to finish in the middle of the remaining 5 days of the open beta!! I WANNA PLAY NOW! Ah well... guess this motivates me to finish it quicker...

The game in itself feel really smooth and extremely pretty for being an MMO which, what I've seen, usually have overdesigned, far TOO colorful designs and cheap graphics. Then again, I'd never complain as long as Akihiko Yoshida made the designs!

I created an alchemist-duskwight-elezen (elf thing):

LOLOLOLOLOL - Yes, I call him Victor.

I love how there's really cinematic cut scenes in the opening and the main quest. It really makes you/your character feel... special and COOL in an ironic way. Not quite sure if i should continue playing this though. Firstly it's my ecenomy, since I'm studying now I should concentrate my allowance around necessairities. Lastly it's the FACT that I'm studying; playing XIV is extremely distracting.


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