The end

It's drawing to a close, my life as a high school student.
I'm feeling both very happy and kinda lonely, my future is very uncertain for the time being, but I sure hope the fog will rise soon.

Exibition day.
The works photo class've made during the year is put up on the walls and on cardboard stands. It was quite jammed when all the classes came out to have a look.
My media teacher acted DJ for the event.

My 3D class' works could be acessed on those laps tops. Mine is on the computer closest to the door.

Another tradition my town have is the anual exam masquerade:

My class dressed up as mooses. Walking into town while playing songs like 'Älgarna demonstrerar' (the mooses are demonstrating) we got quite a lot of eyes on us.

Our parrarrel-class were Hippies, yay.

this traadition was made for the graduating students to enjoy their last days as children before taking the step into adulthood. Sadly, it've become more of a drinking feast and a big deal of my classmates drank themselves drunk.


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