Phew, now it's over... Finally, my "vacation"'ve started! But man, there was a lot of work for us to finish during this final week.

During thursday evening we had to fix our float. Here in Sweden, graduation students ride around town in those, kinda like... cattle or something, haha.

Lots of organisation was needed...

The final result looked kinda fine though.

The morning afterwards we had 'champangefrukost' (champagne breakfast). I didn't have any real champagne though (since I don't drink), but had other fizzy brevages instead... not a good idea for a breakfast; my stomach hurt all day. 3w3

Everyone was there, win!

After getting our grades, having some quality time with our mentor (lol, he got a kinky whip by us to whip his next students with) we were to march away to the area where we'd be 'realeased'. Alas, half of the boys of my class got STUCK in the evelator. Extremely bad timing since we were the first class that were gonna get released!
Well, we got them out in the last minute, phew.

After being released it was time for the very anticipated FLOAT RIDE! Screams, music, drinking, stomping, dancing and so on explains this event the best...

We also had our "special", which was like, crouching so that we weren't visible during the intro to Warp 1.9
and then jumping up, dancing like crazy once the song started. The coolest song was the Arabic and Turkish ones, the randomness killed me! Our class definately had the coolest playlist!

Well, it's all over now... I managed to hold all tears back, even though I know it'll be long before I'll meet those dudes again... Guess maybe I'll start bawing later when the emptiness really kicks in, but right now I'm just really hyped to get to work on realizing my dream and get big. Hope you'll all watch me and enjoy the show!

Postat av: Elin

Congratulations! I wish you good luck :D

2010-06-13 @ 22:51:37

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