The weather has been SO HOT those last two-three days. I MUST get my beach dream of bringing a 5-kind set of melons togheter with a/some friends to become reality! Though, the trouble is that I can only think of max 3 kinds avabile in a sSwedish supermarket... And also, most of my friends aren't very keen about going to the beach. Come on guys! 70% of the year it's bellow 10 degrees C!

Lately I've been sketching a lot though. I've been dropping by paintchat more and more as well. If you're hanging around Niko's we may get to draw a bit togheter!

A commission I got from a friend, designing a neat emblem/logo for his Yu-Gi-Oh group.

New character, her name's Verdis.

Man, lots of sketches!! I should save some for you to see later, haha.


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