My epic Stockholm trip.... again

I went to Stockholm yesterday, I've done it many times lately... But hey, it's my city of birth after all, even though I was raised elsewhere from the age of 3.
This time I went to take my pictures down from the science-fiction book store. I Also met up with a pal and went around Gamla Stan (old city district). Found a great Japanese resturant named Shogun. It was so damned cooL!! It had a REAL Samurai armor greeting the guests (in a monter of course)! And the food was really delicious and well priced too, really recomend it- LOOK FOR SHOGUN, CLOSE TO THE SUBWAY STATION OF GAMLA STAN IN STOCKHOLM!

After the meal we went around town.
Went past "Storkyrkan" (Great Church) where Princess Victoria married with Daniel Westling two months ago. The man behind the desk let us in for free, which was awesome.

Sneaked this photo of the inside.

My pal found lots of inspiration, as did I. Though I feel kinda creeped of churches like those since the floors are filled with graves.

Another funny thing that happened was when i got back to my home town; Apparently I had been riding the same train as the party leader of the Social Democratic council party, Mona Sahlin!

Here she is greeting one of the kids in the welcome comitee that were standing by the foot of the stairs. Sadly she just snuck behind that girl as I shot the pic.


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