Things turned around! I'm off to the University of Gotland this term!! (Game design and graphics course.)
I got the news just three/two days ago, though most stuff that are needed to be taken care of are under control so I'm probably all set to go.

Oh, on another note; this weekend is the last chance to see the exibition I've up at the Science-fiction store in Stockholm. I'll be talking them down on monday, thank you everyone who gave it a visit!

Concept sketch for a CG practice thing. I'll update later probably.

Postat av: Elin

WOAH! You'll be in the same school as me and Oscar! :D Though I'm in computer graphics and animation and he's in ecology. Be sure to come by for a cup of tea when you arrive, we're moving in right now! :D

2010-08-20 @ 22:48:24

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