Visited this abandonned, ancient ruin-city during my trip to Turkey last week. The statues and items were however moved to a museum, here's the photos!

An arrangment of how life could've looked like back in that time.


Dionysos, god of wine.

The ancient people could do glass!

A pity many of the statues were in extremely bad shape.

Eros, god of love. The design of this character kind of reminds me of my incubus characters. There may be a reason to that!

Another portrait of Eros. The rest of his body is prolly smashed. This one had a scary gaze.

This was one of the most impressive statues in the museum. Artemis, ancient goddes of life, the way the artists described her really shows her role!

The final room of the museum. In here we could find the big creepy emperor baby:

Just look at that arm!

And that face! I'd reccomend my school's life-drawing courses for this guy.

After the fall of the Roman empire Christianity overflowed that certain part of the world. Many of the emperor statues were destroyed or purged by carving crosses on the foreheads like on this guy.

I took some shots of the city with my phone as well.. But the mayority are stuck on my brother's camera. I may update with those photos later. (Got some nice shots of the great library and the stadium on the cam.)

Slippery marble streets... No good place for sandals, wonder how the ancient people could manage.

You can see the only remaining facade of the library sticking up in the distance.

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