- Geh, I'm barely alive....
Gotta sleep, tomorrow I'm off for the sales. Sure hope I can grab some nice stuff.


Merry X-mas everyone!
Here's a 5-step progress, hahaha.

FF XIII Japanese releaseee

-was three days ago though... but heck, those lucky bastards!! XDXD
Anyway, remember those sketches I posted some weeks ago? it's finally finished:

Hollidays may begin

Wohooo, it's finally here; 3 weeks of naught but slacking and artistic work!! The wrap-up cermony of the winter term is always so much fun, especially this year, AHHAHA. (The teachers made even more fun of themselves. It was almost painful to look at times...)

Each class had their own table, a bit like they do in Hogwarts. XD

The teachers did plenty of sketches, one of the funniest ones were 'Pimp my Teacher' which is a direct rip of the MTV program 'Pimp my Ride'. Matt was so awesome. (Guy to the right.)

After that we had a splendid meal. *rembers it with a smile* * w *;; And I kept getting bugged by the fact that my friend Charles (Charlie) decided to come to the cermony with his hair lose from the usual ponny tail. He... Looked so disturbingly much like someone so I just had to ask him to do this;

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA JADE! (Those glasses are mine btw.)

Well, now I'll just kick back and enjoy my holliday... - w- <3


Looks like it's finally here to stay, doesn't it? XD



Went to Stockholm yesterday to meet a friend and hang out a bit. We had a looot of funnn!
We did the obligatory trip to the SF book store and I finally got my Sugar Milk:

Sadly the extra chapter with the first pair (dog-owning megane X store clerk) wasn't in it! QAQ
I wonder if it was some kind of exclusive chapter, only published in another antology or something.

Afterwards, we took a walk up and down the castle wall toward the east-asian museum... it was wet, urhh, but we had plenty of amusement, watching a climate activist parade! XD (There was people wearing panda and polar bear hats, lolol, fuck I lost the picture...)

Here follows some pictures I took at the museum:

The theme was 'traditional Japan meets the mordern Japan', exibiting dratidional kimonos on one side of the room and mordern creations by designers like Takuya angel ( forgot the other names XD).
The other part of the exibition contained a big, white room arangment. It was really enchanting, and the background music (some kind of mix between those long japanese strokes, fluttering with techno wibes) was so pretty in a mystic and scary way.

In the room beside this one was another collection called 'Tangled'. The artist had arranged the clothes in cubic frames, holding them up were thin strings that gave it quite the insect feel, lol.
I regret I didn't take a photo of it; it was so epic! QAQ (But the museum had quite strict photo rules, lol, those two are sneaks I very hastly shoot to my companions great dismay, LOL).

After that, we tried to find a store we'd heard sold lots of Japanese candy/food, but after a long and WET walk through what felt like half of the town we gave it a rest and turned in to an asian resturant where we dined and drawed in each other's sketch books. XDXD
Her picture was EPIC, if I get permission I'd love to show you.

*Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and also the biggest city. It's around 1 hour away from where I live with train.


Mannn, I feel like CGing... XD;
It's almost holliday, I bet I'll get to draw a lot in all mediums I like then!

On another note; Fucking loooove the OST for this game. Sigma Harmonics came out last year for the NDS in Japan, it's a mystery game with a card battle system made by a handful of FF XIII crew (among them the produces Kitase and the composer Mashashi Hamazu). The game've the greatests estetics I've seen in a game, but sadly it never made it to the rest of the world! ; 3 ;
Well, at least we can still enjoy the music since music is a language everyone understands more or less...

Y-you're ill??

Small update.

Urgh, been sick the last three days, felt good enough to go out today though. I'm sitting in school now, just finished a document for a presentation I'll prolly have to do tomorrow, but I still feel a bit tired. *Laughs* damn, sure feels bad to be sick now when everyone thinks you're fucking gonna die or something from it. XD

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