Oh man

My ass is going to get so whipped today! I just know what I'm going to hear my piano tutor say when I mess up this piece, sigh...

Ah well, some midnight doodles I did the other day in order to calm myself down (and reclaim my character).

Jacoooooobbb --- with breads.

Jacoooob --- Doing the Steve-O 'Yea dude' pose.

Jacooooob --- being gay.

URGH, I can't draw!





Man, this game is so epic! And the music is so funky, makes me laugh all the time!
Have to share one with you!

Temponairy css

As you may notice the design of the blogg's a bit different now. I did this since I'm planning to redesign it, though I don't know when I'll have time to fool around with the CSS, so this is the least I could do to make it readable for the masses at least.
 + a small FF XIII fan art I did the other day. I reallyyyy love Hope-kun, even though he dies so easilly in battle!

Gradiation Cap is HEREEE

Yay, got my gradiation hat today!
-Here in Sweden those caps are totally handmade and of highest quality and can cost up to over 1000 kr (around 100 €. Mine costed 60€). Novadays you can customise the cap of your own taste through the net, though the order must be sent half-a-year in advance. This, because one sole company is handling the making of over 10 000 of those caps each year!  

It came in this fancy box too.

And there it is!
Many of the other kids chose to engrave their names on the black band, though I thought this design was much more fancy. XD

+ some nice flag lining. Man, it's almost over....


A week late entry... XD;

Well, got it yo, special edition on top of that.

It was filled with stuff, hurrhurr. Though the art book was a bit dissappointing. (The contens were of screen shots from the game, ONLY.)


The sky is so clear... Spring is in the air allthough the meter deep snow!

Young days

-Undetailed sketch

Finished sketch

Under drawing

Skin coloring

Hair and some minor shadows


Second character finished and base shading on the car

More details


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