I've been wondering; How come all casual shirts for women are so fricking low-necked? Seriously... It seems to be the only kind I can find, and it lets a big chunk of skin under my neck naked and cold. D8
Urgh, maybe I should start wearing scarves indoors...


Gyahh, school eats me!!

Everyone wants me as their lead artist/character designer/whatnot that gives me the job to draw like, everything.
From one of the most recent ones:

[insert name here] Birdman.

And Some WIP. There's a shield in front of him that I cut off on this one because it ruins the view.


Went to my friend's parent's farm the other day. It was really cool!
So many awesome animals!

An Emu, lol.

Their dog, Raja was really sweet, though for some reason he liked to nag the birds.

And the great finish- the OSTRITCHES AND THE LLAMAS!!

I didn't dare to go too close to them though/photo them while they were looking... Didn't wanna get spitted or bitten, haha.


Asså, jag orkar inte mer. Så jäkla drygt, lämna mig i fred.


Yet asleep at the same time.

I wanna roll down the streets of Visby...

Because they're all so steep!

Hmm, pondering about if I should start posting my shonen-ai stuff again somewhere...
I'll do a photo update shortly~~


Urgh... bad day is bad.

- New character I created during a school workshop. Using her and two more for a shoty.

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