Exam dinner

The weather just keeps getting warmer, surroundings are prettier than ever and everything that was white and cold 3 months age is now the color of shining emerald. During this last school week cermonies and traditions are rushing after one another...

- The 'Black stream', over this river I was told one of the schools hold a traditional tug-o-war, students VS teachers. Can you guess how many times there've been a clean win?

Myself, I had an exam dinner ahead of me yesterday. To my great dismay it hit me that I had forgotten to bring my cap...

Dressed up classmates looked so pretty in their dresses and suits... I felt kinda left-out for some reason, but then again, I'm always the odd duck.

Before and while the food was served we were amused by some sketches the teachers put up, totally humiliating themselves. Especially the headmaster who dressed up like a woman and sang Linda Bentzing's 'Jag ljugers å bra' (trns: I'm so good at lying) with modified lyrics to fit the... student's and the teacher's situations better. 
I couldn't get a very good shot because he didn't walk close enough;

But yeah, you at least see some of the dress+the wig. 

I just realized everything had been filmed... ouch. otl


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