First day of the 'Alumnidagarna', which is an event at school where various pros and scientists come from all over the world (mostly Europe and the US though) to talk about their profession and so on.
It was fun, but tiring; had to wake up really early and then I sat there and listened for like, 7 hours. I shyly showed one of the pro artists my sketchbook too. Super emberassing (especially since I had a cracky pic of a guy wearing a mantini in it), but I got some good feed back.

Umf, gotta keep my courage up!

(No pictures today! Really sorry, but I'd want nothing more than crawling to bed and read "A wizard from Earthsea".)

Postat av: elolinon

Hahah I'm sure he enjoyed it! Ganbatte! :3 And a wizard from earthsea is good for night reading.

2010-12-10 @ 09:50:44
URL: http://www.elinart.info.se

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