Visited a castle

Midsummer eve's today. We went to see/join the celebrations. Man, those used to be so much more lively back in the days!

Since we brought some friends who came visit yesterday from Norway with us, they were very interested in the castle that was closeby, so we went there afterwards.

Strömsholm's castle was once home for the royal Bernadotte family. But not anymore, so instead it's open to the public as a museum. The nice thing is that all the furniture and items are still on their original places of use, so it is indeed a very good source of inspiration for drawing La Dolce Vitae within a castle. *3*

Lots of pretty paintings...

I found that painting of the little prince (to the right) very interesting: In the room this image was taken there were three paintings of him though in 3 different staged of his life; infant, child and young man. He had the same hair style in them all, haha, cute!

Afterwards I couldn't help myself but to buy this tin of tea! Or rather... the Norweys brought it to me since my cred card failed to respond. *laughs* (No worries, Swedish money ain't worth more than toilet paper to us Norwegians anyway he said.)

Yay, another tea tin to my newly started collection! <3


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