No rest for the artist...

I've finally finished my contest entry for the FEZ contest! I feel like celebrating, this took me a week, seriously!
But there are no rest for me, yet; some cermonies will be held this week and there are still other illustrations and comic pages to finish...

-Lol, nose fail at panel 1 otl.

I just have to share this music group with you!

Zektbach! Their music've been poundin' from my speakers for a week now. Techno mixed with opera and wibes of renaissance=ETERNAL WIN TO MY EARS.
Favorites right now are 'Blind Justice', 'Ristaccia', 'Zeta (La chanson version too)', 'Turii' and 'Raison d'être'. Their songs follow an epic that tells of of several events leads to the end of the world, hehe. Warmly reccomended!


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